Founder Afaq Spirtual Clinic

Dr. Molana Ali Afaq is an educated religious personality (Ruhani Scholar). His family background and genealogy traces (Shajra) back to Hazrat Shah Abdur Raheem Rai Puri (RA), who is the coetaneous (Ham Asr) of Peer Mehr Ali Shah (RA).

Dr. Molana Ali Afaq got his early formal education from DPS, which is the famous school in Lahore. After that he completed his religious education from Dar-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia Wahdat Road Lahore. He has been the student of famous religious personalities like Qari Ahmad Miyan Thanvi and Molana Musharaf Ali Thanvi. After completing his Dars-e-Nizami (the religious education), he got his homoeopathic education in a regular and formal way. To enhance the spiritual powers, Dr. Molana Ali Afaq struggled a lot. He did very hard practices in various shrines (Mazaraat), graveyards, rivers and mountains. He was granted the special permission from his great spiritual teacher and healer. He got Khilaphat (the Caliphate) in four spiritual cults; Qadria, Chishtia, Suharwardiya, and Naqshbandiya.

Dr. Molana Ali Afaq laid the foundation of Afaq Spiritual Clinic in 1997. He does his duty to serve the suffering people and removes their hardships. Millions of people have been cured after meeting him and through online services all over the world. Thousands of people learn the spiritual knowledge by visiting him from all over the world.

After seeing the suffering people, Dr. Molana Ali Afaq has decided to centralize his services in 3 categories:

1. The spiritual treatment (Ruhani Elaj)
2. The promotion and publication of spiritual knowledge (Ruhani Uloom)
3. The Pledge (Bay’at) and distribution of blessings (Faiz)

To achieve the above purpose, live and recorded sessions are conducted. In first Sunday of every month, at 09:00am to 02:00pm, there is a special ceremony (Mehfil) of food distribution (langar) and special prayer (Khatam) to fulfill the needs, wishes and to eliminate the troubles in life. A lot of people participate in this ceremony by visiting him and through the online services. After the special prayers of Molana Ali Afaq, this ceremony (Mehfil) ends.

There is a clear motive and objective of Dr. Molana Ali Afaq that all the Muslim Ummah and all the people should become safe and strong after eliminating all of their troubles and enemies. Everybody should leave a healthy, prosper and happy life with the blessings of belief and faith (Eman).