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With the blessings of Allah Almighty, our institution is the unique welfare, spiritual and physical one which is serving the people on non-profit basis. This institution is serving in numerous psychological and spiritual problems; for example the hurdles in business, the hurdles in earning, the marriage problems (before and after marriage), the evil and magical effects, family-disturbance, love-marriage and a lot of other spiritual problems. Our institution is a way of hope for such suffering people. The evil effects in the home or on the persons, the problems created by giants (Jinnat), all are solved here with proper ways.The members of the institution are hard-working, devoted and sincere. Our method of treatment is according to Islamic teachings (according to the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Therefore, the Islamic Scholars and Muftis also trust on the institution. The board consisted in professionals and masters in the relevant field supervises every kind of treatment. Reports are made and checked on daily basis. It is tried to solve every kind of problem with great effort as much as possible for us. Every kind of spiritual problems are treated in the institution, especially the problems created by the giants and the magic, hurdles in earning and business, hurdles in job, marriage problems, hurdles in the journey of foreign countries, feeling the hidden creatures in home, shop, office, factory, stores or in the farm-houses, damages of any kind, feeling the presence of someone hidden, blood-drops on anywhere, garbage, un-pleasant and unhappy, quarreling and fighting and all kind of such cases are solved according to the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Why Choos Us?: The suffering people from all over the world consult with us for the solution of their spiritual problems because we make surety of accurate diagnoses, sincereness and the permanent solution of the problems. That is why, thousands of people from the whole world appreciate us and therefore along with the general public, the Ulemas, Scholars and the Muftis also appreciate our institution. Mission: Our aim is to serve the suffering humanity on the spiritual and physical basis. A lot of people have gotten the benefit from these services and now leading a very happy life. Our present and future projects are undeniable proof of this. The house-wives should learn how to cure from spiritual diseases. They should learn the treatment theirselves. To go to fake “Peers” or professors or spiritual persons is a very dangerous. It can demolish both the honour and beliefs. Therefore, the institution has made such arrangements that everyone can learn the treatment without a strong effort or danger. Some special courses for females are also established. Everyone can get the permission after paying some money as “Sadqa”. 1. The Women Numerous courses are arranged for women, for example to finish the influence of bad eye in the children, to get protection from the magic and giants, to provide the spiritual assistance in house-works, to get a good life-partner, to get the protection from the fights and quarrels in home, etc. (The spells can be brought by paying the money as “Sadqa”. 2. Married Women Different issues like the respect and honour in “in-laws”, the respect and honour for every person, the protection from the fights of Mother-in-Law and to get honour and respect from the husband, all are taught in the course, specific for married women and the girls going to be married soon. 3. Woman Spiritual Physician This course is especially designed for those women who want to serve the people particularly females, being in a home and in the veil. After learning this, the women would be able to treat many spiritual problems as they are taught numerous things. This is “Sadqa-e-Jariah”. There is a cure in Holy Quran. Out institution has made this cure very simple and easy. There are a lot of benefits of this “Amal”. The person who is “Aamil” (the master) of this “Amal” (the amulet) cannot be effected by the magic or evil spirits or giants or evil eyes, easily. There is only one way to attack on such a person that he should be prevented from this “Hasaar” (the spiritual protection). The Special Spell of Surah Ikhlaas/Surah Al-Nasrah This spell can protect from the evil effects of the magic and the giant and it is also effective for the treatment of spiritual diseases. The patients can get the permission by paying the money as Sadqa and this will protect them, in the same way the spiritual physicians can get the permission for the treatment of patients. Its results are wonderful. Dua-e-Haideri The relation of this prayer is to Hazrat Ali RA. It is very effective prayer against the magic, the giants, self-defence and protection. The person who is master of this prayer, gets the wonderful success in such areas. Ba-Muakkal-Amaal “B-Muakkal-Amaal” are those spells whose slaves or servants are very pious and powerful giants. The people works very hard for years to attain such powerful giants. Our institution has made these spells very easy with a little effort. Its effects are wonderful. Everyone who attains these, praises and admires. These spells have four major types: 1. The Spells for Scholars and Ulemans 2. The Spells for Public 3. The Spells for Women 4. The Spells for Patient The Spells for Scholars and Ulemas Our institution has arranged the short-period courses of the basic and master-level.  The spells are taught to protect from evil effects.  This protection is also for the spiritual physician and his home as well after paying the money as Sadqa.  The Ulemas and scholars who want to serve the public in the field of spells, living in any corner of the world, can contact us.  We will guide you after paying the money as Sadqa at every step of “Chillah-Kashi”, etc.  We will transfer the genuine and real power of spells to all our students.  After the basic spells, we also teach how to enhance the power of those spells and how to fight with fake magicians and peers, etc. The Spells for Public Those people who do not have any spiritual problem but they want the protection from the future attacks of the evil effects of magic and giants, they can get the special permission of the powerful spells after paying some money as Sadqa.  In this way, they do not need to do any hard work like “Chillah-Kashi”, etc.  A lot of people are getting the benefits of these spells and these all are harmless. The Spells for Women Those women who want to serve the public, having strong spiritual power can get the permission of different effective spells which will be helpful to cure the women, suffering from various spiritual diseases.  It is a blessings, that some such women can cure the other women in spiritual-sufferings, living in the circle mentioned by Holy Quran and the Sunnah.  In this way the women will not need to go to the males for this spiritual problems, so it is a Sadqa-e-Jariah.  Some such spells are given below:

  1. Manzil-Ka-Amal
  2. Chehal-Kaaf-Ka-Amal
  3. Noorani-Sartaaj-Amal
  4. Ayat-ul-Kursi
  5. Ayat-ul-Kursi-Dil-Quran
  6. Surah-Muzammil
  7. Moawazatain
  8. Surah Fatiha
  9. Amal Baandh Jaadu
  10. Surah Qureh
  11. Surah Waqiah
  12. Farakhi-e-Riz Ka Amal
  13. Dushman Kay Khas Amaal (The particular spells for enemy)

The Spells for Spiritual-Masters The people who do the spiritual treatment but have different problems due to the un-protection from evil effects or those who do not have powerful and better protection from the giants and other evil powers, can get the powerful and better protection from our institution.  If a person is doing spiritual treatment and he do not have proper protection, he suffers a lot from evil forces.  Therefore, such people should get the spells of better and powerful protection from our institution. Haandi Kay Amaal: (The Spell of ……) ہانڈی کی کوئی بھی خوبصورت تصویر دیں Those people, families and places (shops, homes, offices or factories) who are continuously attacked by the evil forces of the magic and the giants, the only way to get rid of these forces is to burn them and kill them.  As it is a terrible fight, so there needs a proper protection of the people living there.  Some people seem it like a play which is a great mistake.  This kind of treatment is done after a lot of thinking about the consequences.  Our institution has arranged such spells of “Haandi” which are effective, powerful, fruitful, and experienced.  You can easily trust on them. The Particular Spells of Protection Sometimes the patient starts his spiritual treatment of the magic and after the treatment, the magical forces attacks again.  Sometimes, the person who is curing the patient also becomes under the attack of evil effects due to the improper protection and feels a lot of problems, related to him, his home and his family.  To avoid such horrible situations, our institutions has arranged the special spells of protection which can be get after paying the amount as Sadqa. Not The Treatment But Return The Magic The patients who have tired after a lot of treatment of the magical effects, there is only one solution of such situation which is to return all the magic to the magician and to those people who are involved in doing the magic.  In this way, the enemies do not dare to do the magic again.  But sometimes, there is a fight from both sides, however it needs not worry as the final victory is for truth.  Therefore, before doing the spell of Magic return, the patients should think deeply in this matter and do Istekhara (to consult with Allah Almighty) if possible.  It is because some magicians are very powerful and dangerous and they becomes enemies and starts doing the magic again and again.  But there is no need to worry as they defeat at the end.  However, there is need of some patience and courage in such circumstances.