Black Magic

Returning Back the Magic

Returning Back the Magic

The meaning of Wapsi Seher is to return the magic to that person who has created and sent it. If your enemy is doing magic again and again, it is necessary to return it back to teach the lesson to the enemy and the wizard. In this way the enemy comes to know your power and cannot be able to do such magics again.

Returning the magic is not easy one. For this task we have to maintain protection and get the great spiritual power, so that the enemy cannot destroy us in the future. For this purpose, we have a lot of Amaals (Prayers) in our institution, which are suggested and taught after seeing the circumstances of that person. You can easily contact to our Afaq Spiritual Clinic for this purpose.

A lot of ways are there to eradicate the troubles. One of the way is physical and the other one is spiritual. Sometimes no physical way is fruitful and we have to adopt the spiritual one, as the cause of the problem is also spiritual (Ruhani).