Black Magic

Returning Back the Magic


(1) Financial Problems

The reason of many financial problems is magic and jinn (giant). If we remove the bad effects of the magic, all the financial problems will finish. Numerous financial problems can happen. Some of them are listed below:

(ii) Not being able to pay the Debt (Qarz)

In this situation, the debt continuously becomes increase and there is no way to pay the debt. The effected person gets more loans in order to pay the previous one but the chain of debts continues to grow day by day.

(iii) Effects of Black Magic on Your Health

Bewitchment can disrupt health, intensifying the spell worsens the impact. Black magic poses a significant threat to one’s wellbeing. Spells may be cast to heal or for other reasons, but they can still harm health. Inexperienced magic practitioners may unintentionally harm someone’s health instead of helping them.

(iv) Destruction of family by Black Magic

Envy causes witchcraft, as jealousy drives some to seek out black magicians. The magician casts spells fueled by their clients’ hatred and anger. Whole families may be targeted, making collective magic especially dangerous. Even if only a few members are affected, the entire family is impacted.

(v) Difficulties in Marriage due to Black Magic

Black magic affects many aspects of life, including marriage. Illusions of magic may be mistaken for personal shortcomings. It’s difficult to determine if a problem is due to magic without a spiritual healer. However, if no apparent reason for marital issues exists, magic may be the culprit.

(vi) Destruction of Business due to Black Magic

Economic magic is the most dangerous, affecting one’s livelihood. Without money, a person cannot take care of their health or perform religious acts. Misconceptions exist about business, leading some to blame magic for their failures. Those with no experience or interest in business should be held accountable for their losses.